Among executive records of the company during the past few years we can note the following issues:
  • Implementation of comprehensive system project of public relations of the president (Called SAMAD Project)
  • Implementation of Voice Inbox, LAN Accounting and ISP Accounting of Parliament
  • Implementation of multimedia 121 Call Center of emergency status of power System
  • Implementation RAJA PASSENGER TRAINS Co Call Center
  • Implementation IRANIAN  AIRPORTS HOLDING COMPANY  Call Center
  • Implementation SAAMEN ALAEMEH CREDIT COOPERATIVE call center
  • Implementation TELECOMMUNICATION REASERCHING CENTER  Call Center & Video On Demand
  • Implementation BEHESTAN call center
  • Implementation of LAN Accounting and bandwidth control design for Tehran Municipality, Ministry of Agriculture, Transportation Ministry, roads and transportation organization, industries and mines organization and other hundreds of governmental and non-governmental organizations .
  • Implementation of an integrated ISP Accounting, and customizing the IBSng
software for TEBYAN institute
  • Implementation of Shiraz and TEHRAN ASEMAN AIRLINE Network
  • Providing solutions for Provisioning, Accounting and Customer Care to Laser Company
  • Providing solutions of Accounting, Provisioning and Customer Care to ASR ENTEGHAL DADEH HA Company
  • Implementation of VoIP Origination, and wholesale system to pioneers of PISHGAMAN KAVIR YAZD Company
  • Specializing and implementing management of customers relationship management and telephone company support of ANBOOH SAZAN HOMAY TEHRAN .
  • Providing solutions of network and bandwidth control and operating LAN Accounting System to hundreds of organizations and governmental and nongovernmental organizations

Products and services of this company include:
  • Production of IBSng software platform - Management and Accounting of Internet and VoIP users include:
Complete Internet package includes:
  • Dial Up
  • Broadband (Wireless / ADSL / WIMAX)
  • Bandwidth Manager
  • Advanced Web Analyzer
  • Filtering
  • SMS
  • IVR
  • Smart Telecom and non-telecom service
  • Capability on integrating with Mail Server

VoIP software package
  • Calling Card, Wholesale, IP Phone
  • Supporting of Dynamic Routing (LCR, Quality)

  • IBSngDialer Software, dialer system of IBSng II software
  • Storage and distribution of Plux (Parspooyesh Linux Distribution)
  • Cisco Command Authorization
  • IPM (Network Element Manager)
  • Providing  solutions of LAN Accounting / Bandwidth Management

Providing solutions based on open source:
  • Providing network monitoring solutions
  • Providing  VoIP solutions
  • VoIP Routing / Accounting
  • Providing  solutions of IP PBX / Call Center
  • SoftSwitch

Providing  OSS solutions (Operation Support Services)
  • Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Network Monitoring
  • Element Management and Provisioning
  • Call Center
  • CRM
  • Customer Care


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