IBSng II - BroadBand

A list of IBSng II software facilities Special for BroadBand

Quick and easy installation of IBSng II software
  • Quick and easy installation and updating of the software
  • Hardware is independent of a license and is easy to change
  • Transferring, installing and updating IBSng II can be done independent of Parspooyesh Company
  • Easy transfer of users from any other online accounting program to IBSng
  • Load Balancing capability on several independent servers based on different users (Clustering / High Availability)
  • Distribution of users of different centers on different servers in high traffic situations
  • Automatic Failover capability
  • Firewall subsystem- limits users access to a set of specific sites
General features of IBSng II Software
  • Integrated accounting of SMS, LAN, ADSL, Wireless, VoIP, Dialup services
  • Capability of integrating with Mail Server
  • Supports IN (telecommunication and non-telecommunication)
  • IVR support (Announcement of remained credit to user and reporting the reason of disconnection)
  • Web based program
  • Capability of working with all connection systems (RAS):

    Asterisk , BSAE , Chilli Spot , Cisco Routers , Cisco VPDN , Generic , Datang BSAE , Huawei A8010 , GunGk , MaxTNT , MVTS , Persistent LAN , Mikrotik , Port Master , Total Control , Huawei NE , Huawei A8010 , Cisco IN , Port Slave , Quintum Tenor , SER , Pppd , PPPOE , PPTP , Access Servers , Elacs800 , elacs

  • Capability of defining a new router
  • Cisco routers support from Re-Online operation
  • Supports Radius, XML RPC, Digest, MPPE, MS-CHAPV2 CHAP, MS-Chap, PAP protocols
  • Determines the program function through limiting users consumption in case of having negative credit
  • Post Paid users to limit consumption of their negative credit
  • Safe and simple Backup and Recovery of information via WEB
  • Exporting reports in Excel, CSV, XML, PDF and HTML formats
  • Archiving high volume reports as TXT file
  • Provides a web history
  • Supports unlimited number of users (tested simultaneously with 10,000 on-line user)
  • Load System controlling
  • Preventing attacks o case of an invalid password
  • Implements online integrated support system of OTRS with IBSng
  • Issues pre-invoice and invoice
  • Sends birthday message to customers
Payment can be done in three different ways:
  • Manual
  • Through Voucher Cards
  • Online (through Web)
Special facilities of BroadBand Services
  • Special facilities of Broadband Services
    • Management of various volume and time services
    • Determines and displays the rate of which data is sent and received (broadband classification based on tariffs)
    • Service replacement can be donefor a period of time by the customer
    • System automatically informs customersbefore their credit is terminated
    • Directs users to the company’swebsite upon their credit’s expiry
  • Invoice and pre-invoices features
    • Measurement of the rounding-up fee
    • Expiration date of pre invoices
    • Option to choose a print format for invoice and pre-invoice
    • Able to send a invoice release permission over to the operator
    • Automatic issuance of pre invoice (for example three days before the expiration date, or 100 units before the end of a credit)
    • Identifying cases that can be deducted from the invoice account as discount
    • Determines the highest amount of the shared debt
    • Determines the most amount of money by which operator can make the customer owed.
  • Payments
    • Manual
    • Through Voucher Cards
    • Online using credit cards
  • Informs users whether their payment has beensuccessfully processed
  • Online (Bank of New Economy, National Bank, Bank of nations)
  • Different ways to adjust the expiration date of credit
    • Calculatedfrom the timeof connection
    • Calculatedfrom the time of creation of the account
    • Calculatedfromthe last renewing time
    • Calculatedfrom first connection followingrenewing the account
    • Credit Expiration at the beginning of each month
  • Supporting different models of charging shared services
    • Automaticrenewal
    • Manually renewal
    • Selling the extra added volume
    • Temporary charge
  • Specifying position of telecommunications service of ADSL customers for service providers as a graphical form with items:
    • District
    • Province
    • City
    • Call Center
    • Port
    • Devices (such as DSLAM)
Special features of Bandwidth management
  • Limits information transfer rate by tree charts and possibly makes asymmetric rate of receiving and sending information
  • Simultaneous support of multiple Bandwidth Managers Determination of user Bandwidth consumption when users use connects to a specific IP (to a specific server)
  • limits bandwidth consumption of a particular IP
  • limits bandwidth consumption by RAS (for centers with possibility of establishing bandwidth centralized control in terms of network topology and using of bandwidth control is not integrated with IBSng)
  • Saves users bandwidth consumption graph
  • Prioritizes available bandwidth allocation between centers and customers Representation of user bandwidth consumption charts based on each group or each virtual server (Resellers)
  • Determines what the user bandwidth consumption is based on:
    • Connection Time
    • One day per week
    • One day per month
    • Connection date
    • User service option
    • Router
    • A specified range of time for user connection
    • Users’ negative or positive credit
Virtual service providers (resellers sub centers)
  • Defines an unlimited number of virtual servers as hierarchical in different layers
  • Limits the accessibility of each server to its users
  • Determination of deposit for each server set to limit the servers in the lower level based on User definition or Card
  • Determination of accessibility level for function of managers of each center by managers of the same level or higher levels
  • Capability of defining various operators with different levels of access
  • Giving report of the details of managers performance, operators in the program or on the customers to the servers at higher levels
  • Selling of services with different prices to servers at lower levels
  • Limiting customer credit consumption
  • limiting the number of online customers of each of servers
  • Representation of on-line customers according to each separate server
  • Limits the bandwidth consumption of each center
  • Terminates a certain account and disconnects it from the server and its users
  • Representation of online customers graph and bandwidth consumption of each server separately
Hierarchical managers and operators
  • Determination of access levels for each manager performance by the directors of the same level or higher level in the centers
  • Capability to defining different operators with different levels of access
  • Providing detailed report of managers, operators and resellers’ the performance in the plan or on the customer at higher levels of service providers
  • Displays a list of on line supervisors and operators of the software
Monitoring facilities
  • Online staff reports
  • Provides different and useful reports of online staffs along with connection details such as IP Address and MAC Address
  • Ability to disconnect online users as a single staff or a group
  • Reports the particular number of online staff in a certain period
  • Showing diagram of the number of online staffs separately for each section
  • Filtering online users list based on different parameters such as Username، ISP، RAS and physical place
  • Showing online users based on separate resellers
  • Showing online users based on each separate service(Dialup، Wireless، ADSL،IN services )
  • Reports the reason of disconnection if any
  • Provides bandwidth consumption diagram for each staff
  • Provides staff’s web history
  • Providing Dynamic diagram of the number of online personnel
  • Console of connections report
Management reports
  • A general report of the overall system status in a page at dail/weekly/monthly basis including volume and credit consumption reports for each separate service provider, RAS ,each group or each service.
  • Detailed reports of operators and resellers performance in the program (the most detailed report of staff profile changes or preformed service by them)
  • Credit report consumption based on volume and any of the resellers in a desired timeframe
  • Customer Credit Report (based on Caller ID or Username) which have the most application (for example consider special discount or give bonus cards to them)
  • Report of cards or users made in a specific time frame
  • Provides a list of users that has been finished for a long time or before a certain time in the past (e.g. 7 days before
  • Provides a dynamic report of the list of staff’s web browsing history
  • Provides reports of successful connections as well as the unsuccessful ones
  • Detailed reports of users connections in a desired timeframe
  • Reports on customer credit o service changes by operators or resellers
Providing a circle graph of:
  • Staff connection time
  • Internet usage
  • RASs usage
  • Resellers Usage
  • Provides reports of successful and unsuccessful connections
  • Providing a report of using credit by staff in order in order to find the highest consumer
Special accounting reports
  • Report of user volume consumption amount in the desired timeframe
  • Report of users who had the most time, credit or volume consumption
  • Report of user connection time
  • Report of users charged their credit in a desired timeframe
  • Report of user consumption and changes by providers
  • Report of user consumption and changes by themselves
  • Report of group changes or user charging rule
  • Report of users whose credit has been ended
  • Report of users whose credit has been ended
  • Report of Post Paid users
Users searches
  • Searches users based on their Username and/or Serial Number
  • Searches users in a group or in a list of a specific service
  • Searches users with zero credits
  • Representing users of each representative
  • Searches users with a specified credit/expiry date
  • Provides a list of users who have been assigned a particular date limitation
  • Provides a list of unused cards
  • Shell facilities
  • Displays company’s logo on top of each page
  • Option o choose from all types of date display
  • Bilingual designs on Interface of IBSng II software
  • Determines the number of rows for report display formats
  • Displays reports in formats: CSV, XML, PDF and HTML
  • Ability to select titles that will be displayed in the report
Shell facilities
  • Displays company’s logo on top of each page
  • Option o choose from all types of date display
  • Bilingual designs on Interface of IBSng II software
  • Determines the number of rows for report display formats
  • Displays reports in formats: CSV, XML, PDF and HTML
  • Ability to select titles that will be displayed in the report
Facilities available through the WEB in the users’ level
  • Facilities available through the WEB in the users’ level
  • Online payments using debit/credit cards
  • Payments through Voucher cards
  • Displays invoices and pre invoices
  • Estimates the remained time on a account
  • Online graph representation of bandwidth consumption
  • Troubleshoots and displays reason(s) of disconnection and errors
  • Provides changes made on user’s credit by the service provider
  • Network manager can communicate with staff through sending messages
  • Provides dynamic chart of bandwidth consumption (by IBSng Dialer software) and previous charts
  • Sends messages to Network managers
  • Detects and displays problems in OTRS (Online Support)
Integrated system with Mail
  • Sends group SMS
  • Limits disk space
  • Displays the free space on disk for each user
  • Supports POP3, POP3 Over SSL,IMAP, IMAP Over SSL,SMTP and SASL Authentication protocols


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