IBSng II Facilities list Special for VoIP service

Quick and easy installation of IBSng II software
  • Quick and easy installation and updating of the software
  • Hardware is independent of a license and is easy to change
  • Transferring, installing and updating IBSng II can be done independent of Parspooyesh Company
  • Easy transfer of users from any other online accounting program to IBSng
  • Load Balancing capability on several independent servers based on different users (Clustering / High Availability)
  • Distribution of users of different centers on different servers in high traffic situations
  • Automatic Failover capability
  • Firewall subsystem- limits users access to a set of specific sites
General features of IBSng II Software
  • Integrated accounting of SMS, LAN, ADSL, Wireless, VoIP, Dialup services
  • Capability of integrating with Mail Server
  • Supports IN (telecommunication and non-telecommunication)
  • IVR support (Announcement of remained credit to user and reporting the reason of disconnection)
  • Web based program
  • Capability of working with all connection systems (RAS):

    Asterisk , BSAE , Chilli Spot , Cisco Routers , Cisco VPDN , Generic , Datang BSAE , Huawei A8010 , GunGk , MaxTNT , MVTS , Persistent LAN , Mikrotik , Port Master , Total Control , Huawei NE , Huawei A8010 , Cisco IN , Port Slave , Quintum Tenor , SER , Pppd , PPPOE , PPTP , Access Servers , Elacs800 , elacs

  • Capability of defining a new router
  • Cisco routers support from Re-Online operation
  • Supports Radius, XML RPC, Digest, MPPE, MS-CHAPV2 CHAP, MS-Chap, PAP protocols
  • Determines the program function through limiting users consumption in case of having negative credit
  • Post Paid users to limit consumption of their negative credit
  • Safe and simple Backup and Recovery of information via WEB
  • Exporting reports in Excel, CSV, XML, PDF and HTML formats
  • Archiving high volume reports as TXT file
  • Provides a web history
  • Supports unlimited number of users (tested simultaneously with 10,000 on-line user)
  • Load System controlling
  • Preventing attacks o case of an invalid password
  • Implements online integrated support system of OTRS with IBSng
  • Issues pre-invoice and invoice
  • Sends birthday message to customers
  • Adding  special facilities to the software
Payment can be done in three different ways:
  • Manual
  • Through Voucher Cards
  • Online (through Web)
Special facilities of VoIP services :
  • Supporting of Wholesale. Prepaid Calling Card and IP Phone services
  • Defining various cards,  Limiting user connection time:
    • A specific range of hours in one day (e.g. various night and day cards)
    • A  specific date (e.g. special holiday ohone cards)
    • Certain days of the month (e.g. cards for special days of the month)
    • Certain days of a week (e.g. cards for Fridays)
    • Certain days of the year (e.g. cards for special occasions of the year)
    • Supporting multi rate system For example you can determine the way of deducting card credit in the first 15 minutes and last 20 minutes .
Production management of Internet cards
  • Capability of creating random, hybrid, and ordered Username and Password
  • Possibility of making a card automatically and as a group and providing Username and Password list and production serial number generated as CSV and PDF files for printing and producing pre-paid
  • Capability of adding a ready Username and Password via a file with csv format
  • Users are identified based on Caller ID with no need to pin code (ANI Authentication)
  • Possibility of limiting a special Caller ID
Creating group conversations cost calculation methods:
  • Determines call time duration
  • Connection Fee
  • Disconnection Fee
  • Deducting a specified amount from each call
  • Assigns a limit to call times
  • Determines a minimum call charge
VoIP Provider and Routing
  • Capability to define and calculate the consumption of different VoIP Carriers
  • Intelligent decision is made on VoIP Carrier based on price and quality (Least Cost)
  • Providing a report of ASR (Average Success Rate) , ACD (Average Call Duration) and Callings for each  the separate Carrier as  separate line graphs.
  • Capability to define different Carriers for different users based on their priorities
  • Manual prioritizing in guiding callings to the specific Carriers
  • Capability of setting different Carriers at different times of a day
  • Possibility of setting a maximum number of calls for Carriers or different destinations Possibility of guiding calls to specific Carriers or destinations
  • Capability of defining different Carriers for specific area code numbers
  • Capability to have  the time of cost of a call announced for Carrier as well as users
Integrated facilities with Asterisk
  • Supports IPPhone
  • Supports DID service
  • Supports Call Back service
  • Fast dial – Fast dialling using a key only (Phone Book)
  • Call Forward – Automatic dialling of a any number after entering pin code and password
  • Multilingual IVR
  • Announcement of remained credit at the end of each call
  • Credit transfer between different cards
  • Restricting contact numbers (Black List)
  • Reduces a specified or random percentage of total duration of each call credit
  • Provides detailed call reports to users
  • Provides a number of calls to any area code destination - sorted by call number
  • Provides report on call duration to any area code - sorted by call duration
IN-VoIP services :
  • Identies users through:
    • E1 headnumber
    • Caller ID pre number
    • E1 port
    • Blank Username or a special Username
  • Possibile to define Reseller and sell IN services to other centers
  • Provides a customer report based on Caller ID in the user panel
  • Reports busy users (users with most consumption) based on  Caller ID
  • Possibility to limit users for connection based on their Caller ID. If users have connection permission from certain regions, then you can set the are codes based on certain regions in the IBSng.


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