IPM Integrated Port Management

IPM is a component of Provisioning System and is designed for Port Management of ADSL service providers.This software allows to make changes on DSLAM ports and also prevents human errors at the time of port setting through the CLI or complex port management softwares. There is no need for non related employees to aceess granting of DSLAM settings. The system provides programming interfaces of Web services by which it can allow external programs such as CRM or Accounting to set the port automatically. The software is prepared as modular and the possibility to add all the other DSLAM models is predicted in it and can be used as a standard interface for all DSLAMs. To implement this system, we have attempted to use optimization methods to get information from DSLAM in order not to pressure software server or DSLAM.

The system features include:
  • Supports Huaweis’ and Siemens’ DSLAMs
  • Uses a tree structure to determine location of devices
  • Ability to change the Port Status, Line Profile, Customer ID and maximum number of MAC defined for each port
  • Possibility to define Line Profile–The only thing used in Huawei’s DSLAMs is the profile name
  • Possibility to search among ports based on board/ports on each device
  • Possibility to search ports based on Customer ID on all devices
  • Possibility to monitor status of ports of each device seperately
  • Possibility to report the status of ports on one or more devices (based on location) and to send them via Email
  • Saves and uploads the reports corresponding to each port
  • Records system logs and operations performed Creates users with different access levels
  • Communicates between other systems using Web services (Soap)
  • Recieves information and implements settings using SNMP protocol


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