Parspooyesh Company for easy installation and maintenance of IBSng II software has offered  Plux product. This product, in addition to its outstanding capabilities makes able those who are interested in IBSng II software,  but previously prevented using the software due to lack of information about Linux operating system , to install it easily and without any dependency to the company and they will have a secure system . It is nteresting that all services will be installed automatically .

Plux facilities include:
  • Quick and simple installation without any need to be familiar with Linux operating system
  • Automatic and dynamic partitioning
  • Installation of  IBSng and other products automatically
  • Installation of accessoery softwares in a fully automated manner  (MRTG, ...)
  • Making intelligent system support
  • Possibility of web based controllining of  server
  • Possibility of controlling server as shell Shell with a simple user connector
  • Ability to send alerts in case of server problems
  • With Linux special for advanced and rescue
  • Ability of advanced update and  completely automated of Plux and IBSng
  • Possibility of reviewing and making sure about healthy files
  • Use of up to date software packages


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Support and maintenance unit of Parspooyesh Company provides 24 hour services in order to enhance customers' trust and satisfaction.  Any critical problems can be addressed at any time of a day. Our caring technical support team will fix any problem within the shortest time and restore system to function properly without any defect.Parspooyesh support services include: Online support - Help Desk Wiki - (Guiding and training software application, software notices and reforms) Forum - (Communication forums for sending and receiving answers of frequently asked questions) ...More