Asterisk Intergration
IBSngII software is integrated with Asterisk to provide IP-Phone service. Therefore we are able to define Extensions for each user in order for them to make calls amongst themselves even if their destination is outside the collection. IBSngII will take care of calculating the rate per call as well as providing details for each Extension.

IBSng II initially identifies its users’ for Registration using one of the SIP or IAX protocols. As a second step, based on the destination number, call costs will be deducted from users’ credit accordingly. IBSng II does call calculations through an advanced charge engine with high accuracy and facilities such as time and financial routing, Connection/Disconnection Fee and step calculations. Call routing can be also done through the IBSng II software. Therefore Carriers will be defined through the web based interface of IBSng II. Subsystem of routing supports Least Cost algorithms (least cost), Quality Routing (quality routing) and Weighted Routing (weight routing) support. By using this algorithm for each desired destination, Carriers will be prioritized and call will be transferred to them. There is also a possibility of different priorities between Carriers based on the destination, time, hour and other factors.

IBSng II uses Failover Routing to send calls to the most prioritized Carriers. In case of a fail in sending, the call will be sent to next available Carriers.  Of course, IBSng II can calculate cost of calls corresponding to each carrier.

It is also possible to set SIP protocol or IAX including accepted Codec (NAT and etc.) for each user in the IBSng II user's profile. Users can use IP Phones, ATA or Soft Phone SIP protocols that support IAX to communicate with the system.

Various records can be extracted from system including. These records may include: the registered users, online users, sub contacts, reporting of A-to-Z destinations as well as a collective consumption.

Users are able to check their current credit over the phone using our special defined phone numbers. They can also increase their credit through card charge or leave a message for manager. In addition, users can use online payment facilities to review their records or recharge their accounts.


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