Internet telephone services (VoIP) has recently found a worldwide popularity. Over the past many years, taking advantage of technology has helped us develope and optimize VOIP.

According to the high competition in VOIP marketplace, providers are expected to offer optimal policies and high-quality services. IBSng II has uniqe features which help VOIP providers to success in this business. Providers will be able to offer an exceptional service using the unique features of  IBSng II. This earns them customers satisfaction and keeps them in good financial shape at the same time. IBSng II Is flexible on imposing policies related to user contact calculation system based on call duration or consumer consumption.

Providers who offers both VOIP and  internet services can provide users with a common Username and Password that can be shared for both of these services. Another IBSng II software feature is Caller ID detection. VoIP users do not need to enter a PIN everytime they wat to make a call.

One of facilities that service VoIP providers pay attention to is defining more than one carrier in the IBSng II software. Therefore IBSng II recognizes which target is cheaper among settled Carriers or which one has better quality and guides the calling to that direction.

Due to Call Back Service design in the IBSng II software, service providers can set IBSng II so that user credit will be calculated separately based on Call Back and external calls.

Using DID, this new controversial technology, it is now possible to transfer phone calls all over the world. This system helps users have a direct phone line in other countries. Therefore their family, friends or customers can call them for free.

IBSng software supports all facilities of DID systems. Service providers, after receiving a range of DID numbers from telecommunication center, have the option to assign one or more DID numbers to each user.

Fast Dial and Call Forwarding has made the calling experience much easier for customers. Each user can have access to a personal phonebook. Also using Call Forwarding, a short pincode can be dialed instead of dialing a long phone number .


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