Nearly 7 million subscribers across the country and under the Iran Telecommunication Company network use IBSng AAA ParsPooyesh.

ParsPooyesh Fanavar Company, as an Iranian and knowledge-based company, has been able to improve its technical knowledge under modern world standards and, in addition to meeting domestic needs, significantly helps prevent currency outflows, protect valuable and sensitive data of Iranian operators. It will also create jobs for Iran's young and talented forces.

Migration of all telecommunication subscribers on IBSng AAA

Investigating national projects in the operator class and Iran's information technology infrastructure, helping to develop this infrastructure without the need for foreign companies and equipping it with the latest standards in the field of telecoms, such as the full implementation of products and solutions with 3GPP and eTOM framework for fixed and mobile networks, is a proof of the high ability of our expert experts. The performance of a large company such as Iran Telecommunication is proof of this.

Now we are proud to announce that Iran Telecommunication Company is currently using the IBSng accounting system in 31 provincial telecommunication centers such as Tehran, Isfahan, Fars, Khorasan Razavi, West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Gilan and ... for its DSL network. Most of these provinces used to use internal accounting software or external software such as the Huawei accounting system, but in the end, IBSng software of ParsPooyesh Company due to its quality, accuracy, and fast development, which is following the requirements of the fixed network, it replaced them.

Currently, nearly 7 million subscribers across the country and under the Iran Telecommunication Company network use this software. This network is the largest fixed network in the country, managed and developed through the IBSng system of ParsPooyesh Company with the latest technology in the world.



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